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How to painlessly remove facial hair

Aesthetic conventions have established that women must not have moustaches and men should not permanently remove their hair. Things have changed in what it concerns men, but not in what looks on women. Moustache women are not sexy. Excess hair on the face is a fairly common problem for many ...

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Greasy hair? Try this mask!

Every day we are overwhelmed with adverts for beauty and care products, all of them boasting efficiency and being recommended as the best solutions for our hair and skin. Every now and then, though, we should return to nature and try to use treatments that come straight from the source. Here’s ...

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Anti wrinkles oats mask

Here we present you a highly effective anti wrinkles face mask that you will surely love, especially because it is made of natural ingredients you surely have at home! Forget about your breakfast and boil 2 tablespoons of oats in 150 ml of fat milk (preferably more than 3,5% fat). ...

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