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Castor oil – Real wonder for hair, nails and skin

Castor oil is one of the most popular vegetal ingredients used in the cosmetic industry, which makes for a natural way to stay beautiful and also healthy. There are a few benefits of using castor oil. Here’s what it does: Helps with the growth and strengthening of the hair If you want to have ...

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Homemade mask against blackheads!

Every girl wants a beautiful skin but sometimes we encounter some difficulties in achieving the porcelain look and this is due to blackheads. Recently, I tried this amazing homemade mask which purifies the face and helps us get rid of blackheads. This mask is very delicate, women worldwide praising it ...

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Incredible treatment against pimples and blackheads

If acne is a headache for you and you cannot get rid of blackheads, despite all your daily efforts, today we offer you a natural alternative that promises to have visible effects in a very short time. It’s a DIY recipe – of honey and cinnamon. I know it sounds ...

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