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Say bye-bye to blackheads on your face and nose!

Blackheads are formed especially on the nose and around the nose, chin and forehead, in these sensitive areas of your face. Persons with oily skin are more susceptible of having problems with blackheads. Excessive sebum accumulates in the pores of your skin and in contact with air; the sebum’s components oxidize, filled then with dust and other air particles, turns into blackheads.

What are the remedies?

Among other natural DIY recipes, I recommend you a delicate abrasion of your skin several times a week. An intense and serious cleaning of your skin, removing make up every night, washing your face with anti-acne products in the morning, can help removing blackheads. Sometimes, there are big and difficult to remove and some blackheads can only be removed by squeezing them. First, thoroughly clean your skin, rinse with warm water or even sauna your face (in a bowl add some hot water, bend over so the hot steams moisture your skin) in order to dilate your pores.

In order to achieve the wanted results, I will propose you a natural do-it-yourself recipe, easy to make at home, that will help you to get rid of blackheads and intensively nourish your skin.

All you need is:

2 tablespoons of goat milk

1 tablespoon of nutmeg (powder)

A piece of cloth (gauze)


How it’s made:

Mix in one cup the milk with the nutmeg. Clean your face with warm water, then apply the mixture on the face, using the cloth, massaging gently for about one minute, insisting on the affected areas. Wash off your skin with plenty of water and do not use other cosmetics until the next morning. Apply this treatment twice a week.

Get rid of blackheads at home!