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Rose water

Rose water is a remedy I learnt from my grandmother and it is worth including it in our beauty routine.

Many commercial toners include rose water and as I love these things, I decided to produce at home my own version of rose water, a miracle for our skin, dry, normal or oily.

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What is it good for?

  1. Has disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties that make it very good for treating acne in sensitive or irritated skin.
  2. Refreshes and calms the skin, with or without makeup. I like to have a bottle near my desk and sprinkle constantly throughout the day.
  3. Cleanses the skin. It may not be the most effective makeup remover, but a cotton pad well moisturized with rose water will refresh your skin instantly.
  4. Aromatherapy, relaxing.
  5. Helps the skin recover from acne scars.
  6. It is an ingredient that is present in many anti-aging products, so it’s wonderful to treat aging skin.
  7. It is a good tonic for the face because it reduces the size of the pores and restores the normal pH balance of the skin.

What do you need.

  1. Distilled water
  2. Rose petals – depends on the amount of water and of the container you are going to use.
  3. Essential oils (optional): rosemary, ginger, green tea, lavender, chamomile, bergamot etc.
  4. Spray bottle or glass recipient.


How to prepare it:

  1. Clean the rose petals make sure there isn’t any dirt or insects.
  2. Put them in a pot.
  3. Add the distilled water as they are covered up. You can decide how concentrated this rose water will be.
  4. Heat the water, but make sure it doesn’t reach boiling point.
  5. Then you can add some essential oils and increase the rose water’s natural benefits. 20 or 30 drops will be enough for 1 liter of rose water.
  6. Turn of the heat, cover the pot and let it chill.
  7. Once the roses have released their natural color, filter the water in a glass container (or in a spray bottle) and it is ready!
  8. To keep it always cool you can keep it in the refrigerator and use it for about 10-14 days.



Rose water


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