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How to get rid of stretch marks with sugar

Stretch marks are unaesthetic, and once they appear, are very difficult to remove. See how to get rid of them using natural ingredients. Stretch marks can affect anyone and usually occur after pregnancy, weight fluctuations or steroid-based drugs.

Women have a higher risk of making stretch marks and getting rid of them is quite difficult. Besides cosmetic creams, you can try a natural recipe, which can be prepared in a few minutes.

How to do it yourself!

For this natural remedy, you need a spoonful of sugar, a teaspoon of olive oil or castor oil, lemon juice and half a capsule of vitamin E. Mix all ingredients until you get a smooth paste, then it on the areas affected by stretch marks, using circular movements. Rub gently until the substance is absorbed. For the treatment to be more effective, it is advisable to use a brush and to massage in order to increase blood circulation. Try this treatment for 2-3 minutes daily for several weeks, and you’ll see how stretch marks will fade.

Get rid of stretch marks the natural way


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