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Homemade natural self-tanner!

How to get ready for the summer! Start with a homemade natural self-tanner!

Summer will raise a crucial question: to sunbath or not? Whatever your answer might be, experts recommend a reduced sun exposure, because UV rays cause wrinkles and accelerate the aging process. The healthiest method is to smile to the sun and to get a natural and healthy tan at home. Follow these simple steps for a natural self-tanner.

Don’t think about replacing the sun with solariums. Excepting the fact that has negative effects on your skin, UV rays determine cancer. Therefore, try a natural self-tanner that will give you a “summer glow”.

Ingredients for natural self-tanner:

If you want to prepare at home a natural bronzer, you need 8-10 bags of black tea, 4 cups of hot water and a spray bottle. Add the tea bags in hot water and let it infuse for 15 minutes. Move the liquid in the spray bottle, apply it all over your body and let your skin dry. Do it before going to sleep so the next day your skin will have a brownish hue.

If you have already used a cosmetic product and got yourself an orange share, you can use natural self-tanner to fix it.

You can also add more black tea bags if you want a darker color. This natural self-tanner will wash off when you shower.

Tips to follow before applying this natural self-tanner

  1. Wax one day before applying the tanner in order to avoid skin irritations.
  2. Exfoliation is extremely important when you want to apply a coloration cream or lotion. This way you avoid spots and marks, and will allow the products to moisturize your skin better. Use a gentle scrub all over your body to remove dead skin.
  3. Moistening is another important aspect that you have to keep in mind. Dry skin will cause natural self tanner to stretch unevenly and will definitely not look good. Therefore, use a oil free moisturizer, because oil based products will not allow bronzers to absorb entirely.
  4. Apply the tanner upwards, from your toes. Sit in front of a large mirror in order to spread the lotion evenly all over your body.
  5. Apply a thicker layer of tanner where you think the sun might color your skin faster. Add more products on the neckline and starting below the knees. Emphasize also on your nose and cheekbones for a summerish look.

Now you know how to do it yourself, your own natural body self-tanner!

Homemade natural self-tanner

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