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Homemade mask against blackheads!

Every girl wants a beautiful skin but sometimes we encounter some difficulties in achieving the porcelain look and this is due to blackheads. Recently, I tried this amazing homemade mask which purifies the face and helps us get rid of blackheads.

This mask is very delicate, women worldwide praising it for its effectiveness in fighting blackheads.

It is easy to obtain and can be prepared in the intimacy of your home. Clean your skin with warm water. Prepare in a bowl 2 egg whites. Whisk them well until you get a liquid, less gelatinous consistency. If you also face problems with acne, you can add 2 pills of aspirin. Smash them well into powder and mix them with the egg whites. Apply this mask on your skin and leave it dry. Afterwards, wash your skin well. You can apply this mask twice a week as it leaves your skin hydrated and clean.

Homemade mask against blackheads!