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Greasy hair? Try this mask!

Every day we are overwhelmed with adverts for beauty and care products, all of them boasting efficiency and being recommended as the best solutions for our hair and skin. Every now and then, though, we should return to nature and try to use treatments that come straight from the source.

Here’s a mask for greasy hair that I learned from my mother and helps a lot!

If your hair gets greasy very quickly and gets really dusty even though you don’t use products such as hairspray or styling products, then you need a deep-clean mask that you can easily obtain with 2 egg yolks mixed with the juice from one medium-sized lemon, a bit of almond powder and three spoonful of yoghurt. Mix the ingredients until homogenous and apply them on your hair. Leave in for 15-20 minutes before you wash your hair. This mask can be applied weekly until the problems start fading.

Greasy hair? Try this mask!