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10 hair secrets every girl should know

I know that all of you girls would like to have amazing hair, without much effort. Here are some tricks and secrets I personally use in order to achieve shiny hair, perfect hairstyles and maintain it healthy.

  1. You got carried away and exaggerated with curling your hair? I just spray some water of cologne on a small towel and gently pat my hair. The alcohol contained in cologne will “undo” the loops and you will get a very natural look.
  1.  1.I like it so much to have silky hair that I often get muscle soreness from using my hair dryer and round brush. I learned how to dry out my hair by first on the inside, then on the outside in order to stretch out the disordered loops. Then I just apply a nourishing oil to finalize the look.
  2. In order to obtain a shiny hair, my hairdresser advised me to rinse my hair with mineral water. It will become shinier and full of vitality.
  3. Always choose a hairstyle that suits your physiognomy. My advice is to ask for professional help. Also, it is very important to choose a hairstyle easy to maintain and that can be easily arranged by you at home, after waking up.
  4. Also very important: it you want to correct some of your face features, choose a suitable haircut. For example, if your eyes are distanced, a long bangs over the eyebrows line will balance your look. If you have a big nose, a voluminous haircut will soften your features.
  5. If you wake up in the morning with an eccentric mad scientist hairstyle, then change your pillow sheets! Satin or silk pillowcases have an electrostatic effect on your hair. Choose cotton sheets. They are less expensive and more environmentally friendly.
  6. My hairdresser advised me to massage my scalp every night, before going to sleep in order to accelerate blood circulation so that my hair will grow faster.
  7. In order to lock the colour after having it dyed, rinse it out with cold water. It is suitable especially for dark shades.
  8. Never leave the house with wet hair without knowing how many degrees are outside. If the temperature is below 0, except the cold you might get, your hair might freeze and break. On the other hand, if it is too hot outside, wet hair dehydrates, dries and then breaks … guess what! Again!
  9. When I get oily hair but lack the time to wash it, I just soak a cotton pad in some hamamelis water and pad it on my roots. Hamamelis is an effective astringent and will quickly absorb excess sebum.10 hair secrets every girl should knowAdvertisement
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